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37 Alden Road
Wayland, MA 01778

Clever, locally-made, 100% crowd funded everyday tools.


We produce everything we create within 100 miles of Boston, launching each with our growing community of enthusiastic crowdfunding friends

Is it possible to manufacture things in your own neighborhood?

Onehundred began as a simple question: can you still make things here in New England? With a bit of determined hunting, knocking on alot of doors and following through on a few tips, we eventually assembled an impressive mix of truly unique manufacturing talent - from eager startups to 150+ year old generations-owned mills.

 Originally named for the 100 mile circle that we could easily travel in a day, the nickname stuck. Our self-imposed 100 mile rule assures that we are able to work hands-on with all of our manufacturing partners, deeply understanding their experience & capabilities to actively participate in the process from start to finish.

Crowdfunding is AWESOME!

We're big fans of crowdfunding; it's brought an entirely new generation of interesting products and thriving small businesses to life that might not have been been possible any other way. Onehundred is the first 100% crowdfunded product brand. Every product that we create is brought to life first with our growing community of enthusiastic, loyal crowd funding fans. Thanks to them, we've run 11 (very) successful projects.

From more then 50 countries, our fan community is simply awesome. They help us get our new product ideas off the ground, actively refine the final result and are a continuous source of encouragement. We're always learning something new from our fans ...and we wouldn't be here without them!

Shipping raw materials to another country and then finished products back has a huge hidden environmental cost. By manufacturing locally from materials sourced near-by, we are able to reduce our products' carbon footprint by an average of 60%.

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